IIAR Events Calendar

Upcoming Webinars 

  • New IIAR Webinars are being planned – *** Watch this space ***
  • IIAR Webinars are open to all IIAR Members, new members are especially welcome. Please contact us here if you wish to join the Webinar or join the IIAR

Upcoming Forums

  • UK Forum – IDC to speak on end-user influence – 15th October
    IDC will be speaking at our next IIAR UK Forum meeting in Central London on its reach and influence with the end-user community. Please hold the date (Wednesday 15th October from 5.00 – 7.00pm) for this exclusive and insightful session. More details to follow. In the meantime, do REGISTER if you want to come along.
  • The IIAR Christmas Party – 9th December 2014
    Save the date in your diary. To be held in central London at a great venue, not to be missed. Details to follow.
  • UK Forum Schedule for 2014
    Following the October meeting (see above) there will be a meeting in November. Watch this space for details.
  • IIAR German Chapter

    • IIAR Germany 2nd Stammtisch Event
      Location: Ella Restaurant, Munich
      Date/Time: 7th October @ 6:00pm CET
      Topic: AR measurement and its relevance for successful positioning of AR towards internal stakeholders. (German characteristics).
      Register: <<Here>>
    • IIAR Webinar: German analyst landscape – November 2014
      Date and details to follow
  • New IIAR Events are being planned outside of the UK – ***Watch this space***

Upcoming discussion groups and panels

  • New IIAR discussion groups and panel events being scheduled
    *** Watch this space ***

Upcoming AR Cafés

  • Watch this space for the next IIAR Café

Past IIAR Forums, IIAR Cafés and IIAR Webinars

Forthcoming Analyst Events – Sept 2014

7 Responses

  1. I’m considering joining the IIAR, and the biggest benefit would appear to be your events programme. Howver, most of what I can see documented on your site is an archive of past events. What events are planned for 2H 2013 in UK? This would help me reach a decision….


    • Hi Simon

      Great that you are considering becoming a member and below, please find a list of the upcoming events:

      11/7/13 > IIAR Webinar on measurement
      Measurement is one of the issues most often raised by AR professionals. A new IIAR Best Practice Paper by David Taylor has just been released. We will be hosting a Best Practice Webinar on the subject on the 11th July 2013.

      16/7/13 > IIAR UK Summer Party & Networking event
      The annual fixture, this year in an exclusive venue thanks to our sponsor TCS.

      9/7/13 > IIAR Webinar with Gartner ombudsman
      Webinar with Nancy Erskine / Gartner to answer all the questions you’ve never dared to ask!

      23/7/13 > IIAR Webinar with Gartner on new Magic Quadrant
      Gartner is about to launch the new interactive MQ. This session is designed to update you and allow you to ask any burning questions

      We will aim to get the site updated as quickly as posisble but hopefully the above is of interest to you.


  2. Thanks Caroline, that makes it much clearer. Is membership per individual, or per organisation?


  3. Yes please. Thanks again, Simon


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