Launch of IIAR India Chapter in Mumbai

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A successful and interesting IIAR India Chapter meet held on 17th of June in Mumbai shared some best practices of leveraging AR firms with respect to product, marketing, sales & strategic decision making. Sharing some key points highlighted during the discussion include: 

  • AR professionals should not be mere gatekeepers. They need to be more responsive & accessible appreciated by analysts. Dedicated Analyst portals – a need of today to help support accessibility
  • Analysts should not be considered as mere lead generators but as trusted advisors to help organizations in identifying strategies to grow business
  • Organizations need to identify right analysts for strategic expectations. Interactions should be ideally with 1-2 primary analysts, 8-10 referred (Tier2) analysts & a few adjacent market analysts to get a picture of complete spectrum. 
  • For C level interactions, face to face meetings are always preferred. Communication should be monthly or quarterly, not weekly. Doing regional analyst events for half a day is also useful.
  •  Understanding the pulse of who is influencing the market, inputs should be sought from customers, respective analyst firm account executives and through regular evaluation of research reports.
  •  Give more client proofs- demos, references during briefings.
  •  Around product launches,  one should speak to product as well as services analysts  
  • Analyst only lay out advantages and disadvantages of top vendors and one should influence to be the top of the mind recall for them 
  • Vendors should build niche capabilities and highlight them to ensure analyst influence.  

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