Wrap-up: Netscout vs. Gartner re. Magic Quadrant positioning

gartner[1]Two Three interesting takes on Netscout suing Gartner for not putting them in the leaders quadrant:

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2 Responses

  1. “Two interesting takes” and three articles? Oh, that’s dry 😉


    • Duncan,

      I contributed to Jonny’s piece on “don’t shoot the referee” and it sums it all pretty much. More interestingly though, is the point that Richard makes: look at what happened to ZL Technologies. It looks like they cosied up with Gartner and things improved?

      Which reminds me of an infamous piece from META Group by Phil Dawson (now at Gartner) saying “Sun is the next Digital, unless…” Sun withdrew their business from META, kicked a fuss, etc, but then came back. I saw the Sun acquisition by Oracle from the inside and it seems to me that the Sun/Digital (the latter having been bought by Compaq who then was purchased by HP) wasn’t too far off…

      Bottom line: shooting the messenger doesn’t help one’s cause.


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