Ovum finally gets assimilated

ovum[1]It’s been quite a long time in the making, it follows many acquisition rumours, many merger denials, but it’s finally there: Ovum merges with Informa Telecom and Media.

On paper, it’s the fourth ICT analysis firm of the market, depending on where place the line between analysis and market research. The staff doesn’t change much and they’re keeping the stronger brand, Ovum.

The merged business, which will be fully integrated by the end of May, will be led by Steve Hotham, current MD of Ovum, who will become its CEO. Spread across 23 offices, in 6 continents, Ovum will employ 275 staff, including 180 analysts providing a combination of global and local insight.

The press release doesn’t menti0n end-user influence, a key difference between both firms, but the Ovum Industry Congress is coming soon and will be a good place to assess this.


There are few reasons to change my conclusions from a previous post:

  • Ovum remains a credible analyst firm in its key markets, so AR folks should not discount it

  • AR pros should look for opportunities to leverage this 180-analysts strong firm, while watching for coverage gaps

  • AR pros should consider Ovum’s vertical technology expertise when creating vertical AR plans/programmes as it’s part of its DNA AR pros should check vertical coverage outside of telco
  • Like many other research firms, Ovum needs to more clearly articulate its differentiation and generate market awareness via sharper thought leadership


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11 Responses

  1. What is the news here? Just looks like the latest round of the hokey cokey… “you put the research firm in, take the research firm out, in, out, in, out, shake it all about”. For me this asks more questions than it answers.

    OVUM Telecoms is a merged entity led by the former Informa leadership team. OVUM IT serves who in future?

    Is this welcome OVUM to Informa or is it goodbye from Informa to the Informa Telecoms research team?

    Is this a strategy for advisory research to succeed at Informa? If so whats different about this versus the prior grand strategies? Or is this packaging of various bits that don’t fit the Informa gross margin model?

    Perhaps some answers will come from the Congress. Meantime anyone have any ideas?


  2. Great post. I’ve added a few comments at http://www.influencerrelations.com/2620


  3. […] (ITM) has been rolled up into Ovum but it’s really the other way around. The IIAR had the best, shortest and first analysis of the news. Over the last year, Ovum’s integrated into ITM through a series of moves very […]


  4. Hi guys. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Steve Hotham, Richard Mahony and Ian Charlesworth in the past two days about this. I’ve blogged the results of our conversation here – http://analystinsight.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/ovum-merges-with-informa-telecoms-media.html It might answer some of the questions.


  5. Great post David. Ludovic, I think the IIAR should repost it.


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