Tuesday: pre-CeBIT IIAR call on AR in Germany

Yvonne Kaupp / T-Systems ; Simon Jones / OnPR

Yvonne Kaupp / T-Systems ; Simon Jones / OnPR

CeBIT is four weeks away! What can AR professionals do to make the most of the largest tech event in EMEA? What’s possible even at this short notice?

In Tuesday’s IIAR webinar, we will discusss on how you can attract attention from analysts — and explain what’s not possible. Long-time IIAR members Yvonne Kaupp (LinkedIn, @YveKaupp) from T-Systems, Simon Jones (LinkedIn, @MrNesjo) from OnPR and Duncan Chapple (LinkedIn, @DuncanChapple) from Kea will lead the discussion, linking the conference to the overall plan for your AR programme.

Kaupp and Jones will also spotlight the most effective tactics at CeBIT: relationship building, scheduling tips and how to provide something worth knowing.

This call is also the official launch of the IIAR German Chapter, lead by Yvonne Kaupp -with the support of Simon Jones and Sven Litke (LinkedIn, @SvenLitke) from Kea. More on this later!

The call will include plenty of time for questions and answers.

It will be at 1600 CET (8am EST or 1500 GMT) on Tuesday 18 February.

To attend this webinar, register by email to secretary [at) analystrelations (dot) org, adding in any questions you’d like answered on the call. The webinar is free to attend for IIAR Members (another good reason for joining the IIAR) or for non-members there is a fee of $25/£15 that is redeemable against IIAR Membership over the next 12 months. The IIAR look forward to joining you at the webinar: it will be a “not-to-miss” session for all.

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  2. Horst Kuchling from NSN (@hkuchling) will also join the call.


  3. […] Tuesday: pre-CeBIT IIAR call on AR in Germany […]


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