“Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”

“Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”  – a widely used cliché (FUD) from the 70s and 80’s. This would not work as a sales line now and perhaps, the days of “No one ever got the sack for using Gartner” and the role of AR professionals are also numbered ?

Disrupting the status quo of the legacy analyst firms with their “Fiery Fireside Chat“, on 26th September, were R “Ray” Wang (@rwang0)of Constellation Research and Phil Fersht (@pfersht) of HfS. This great discussion raised many points of interest for all Analyst Relations professionals; like: Do you have the right boss? Who do the analysts speak to in your company? and Do you spend too much time completing surveys ?

So if you missed the IIAR Webinar with les enfants terribles of the industry research industry or want to listen again you can read the report, listen to the recording or run through a relevant presentation from Ray Wang. If you are a member, click on the links. If you are not an IIAR member, may be it is time to join. This Webinar report and recording are only part of the wealth of Member Resources available, once you have joined. (Click here for more information).

Plus – if you are a member and not yet registered on “Huddle”, where our Member Resources are held, then this is the time to find that registration invite or request a new one. Don’t miss out, they are your resource.


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