IIAR Webinar with H&K on Influencer Survey – 19 March 2013, 1600 GMT

We are pleased to announce an IIAR Webinar with H&K to present their annual Influencer Survey on 19th March 2013 at 1600 GMT / 0900 PST.  The panel will include Joshua Reynolds (@techspinR, LinkedIn) and Tris Clark (@TrisClarkARGuy, LinkedIn) from H & K and will be hosted by Ludovic Leforestier from the IIAR board (@lludovic, LinkedIn). This survey is a great proof-point for AR folks to show the real influence of analysts.
The agenda is as follows:
  1. H+K TDM Study – Research Findings overview
  2. The (Tech) World Is Changing
  3. The Importance of Analysts (and AR) to Sales
  4. The (Ongoing) Rise of Digital AR
  5. Conclusion: Smart Story Telling Through Contagious Questions
  6. Q&A
If you would like to attend this webinar, please fill in the online form and submit to RSVP, and we will send you the dial-in details shortly. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1l39B6eP4BCKvJqEADFQwGKenzqobWqM5-oGZlSKNKoY/viewform?sid=3e6ba2806a288664&token=BP8AXD0BAAA.57mcWybppGGxVmWRrxVEnQ.0HH7TQ3jGVTwral8IaXzsg

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