Election Results: The New IIAR Board

The IIAR is delighted to announce the election results of its new Board Members effective as of 1 December 2011 for 12 months.

The new Board is as follows:

Dave Noble – Sydney, Australia | 
Twitter / LinkedIn


Managing Director – Intelligen Analyst Relations and IIAR Asia/Pacific Chapter Lead

David Rossiter – London, UK | Twitter / LinkedIn


Head of Sunesis Analyst Relations and Director, Harvard PR


Gerry Van Zandt – Houston, USA | Twitter / LinkedIn


Worldwide AR Manager, HP


Karsten Scherer – Baltimore, USA | LinkedIn


Manager – Analyst Relations, TEKSystems


Stephen England – Austin, USA | Twitter / LinkedIn


President and Partner, KCG

Previous IIAR Board member and Co-Founder of the IIAR, Ludovic Leforestier commented, “After five years the IIAR has grown to be a respected voice. It now effectively shares best practices in AR, helps AR pros in their career development and is firmly engaged in a constructive dialogue with the industry analysts.

“The new Board is ideally placed to take the institute to a new level; congratulations and thank you to all of them for assuring the IIAR’s future.”

Turnout for this year’s election was higher than ever before with 68% of members voting electronically. We were delighted to see so many members contribute and are very happy that the IIAR is making such positive strides in becoming a truly global organisation. Regions with growing membership figures will now be well represented in the Board – the USA seeing three members on the Board, Australia one and the UK one.

It is the first time in the IIAR’s history to have a completely new Board with all five previous members stepping down. The new Board will be holding a conference call in the next few weeks to present their ideas and plans to members – further details to follow. In the meantime members can find out more about each Board member’s goals for the institute by clicking here.

3 Responses

  1. Congratulations to the new Board and Dave Noble.


  2. […] wanted to let you know that unfortunately Karsten Scherer has decided to step down from the IIAR Board because of unforeseen personal and work commitments.   We’re sorry that he’s leaving us and […]


  3. […] to the outgoing board for their hard […]


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