September IIAR London Forum featuring social media

The IIAR will be holding its next UK Forum on Thursday 29th September, 3:45 – 6:30pm followed by an informal networking dinner. Included in this session will be an analyst panel on social media and case study around AR with sales.

Panel discussion: social media

How are analysts using social media to deliver their research and advisory services, and how does this fit alongside more traditional media? How is social media influencing industry conversations? What’s the value of social media to AR professionals and what’s best practice for interacting with analysts through channels like Twitter? All this and more will be discussed by a distinguished line up of panellists:

Case study: AR on sale!

Our breakout session will be a case study by Fionnula Fitzsimons, Head of Analyst Relations – Bite Communications

Sales teams rely on good AR to help sell their company’s products or services but how do you get them to recognise this and ensure a shared success. In this 30-minute presentation Fionnula will be taking a look at what AR professionals can do to infiltrate the sales teams and provide some top tips on how to measure the results.

If you would like to reserve your place for this event or register to dial in remotely for part of the session please email me asap.

The event is very kindly being hosted by Bell Pottinger.


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