[JOB POSTING] AR contract opening in Sunnyvale, CA

A 12- 18 month contract opportunity has arisen in Sunnyvale, CA with the possibility of hire. This member of the Analyst Relations team will be responsible for the program’s success with one of our market segments.

Reporting to the Director of Worldwide Analyst Relations, this position will accelerate and evolve the existing AR program helping the company to:

1) Develop more strategic relationships with our community of analysts

2) Provide internal teams with strategic consul on direction, products and services

3) Drive deals with analyst support

4) Broaden visibility of the company, its strategy and core products

Key Skills:

  • Create and implement tiered analyst relations strategies and programs that drive both in-bound and out-bound communications and ensure proactive and results-oriented communication with our analyst community.
  • Identify and develop analysts with key strategic insight and drive that insight through all areas of the company.
  • Serve as a legitimate and credible spokesperson for the company able to hold two-way conversations with the analysts and proactively communicate relevant news, information and business unit developments to the analyst
  • Cultivate analysts to improve their understanding and perception so that they can serve as positive customer, partner and media references, as well as leverage analysts for outbound communications through reprints, sponsored whitepapers or surveys, speaking engagements, and webcasts.
  • Provide key direction and content for programs such as annual analyst conference, analyst events, strategic consulting sessions, analyst
    communications, and internal communications.
  • Provide communications support including presentations, briefings, and talking points to assist with outreach to all audiences. This includes extracting relevant information and data from analyst reports and surveys.
  • Develop and institutionalize AR training, best practices and processes.
  • Synthesize content and share knowledge and insight from analyst interactions to team members and the company. Clear, concise and consistent communication skills are a must. The ability to multi-task and prioritize while maintaining a sense of humor is required.

 Job Requirements:

  • 4-6 years’ experience in AR
  • Excellent analytic, communication, organization, and project management skills
  • Proven ability to work under tight deadlines with limited resources and supervision
  • Ability to multi-task and quickly prioritize projects and communicate priorities to stakeholders
  • The confidence, comfort and instinct required to interact with and drive consensus across multiple stakeholders, including executives
  • A strong technical mind with the ability to quickly extract, synthesize, and relay key information from multiple sources without becoming overwhelmed
  • High level of energy, enthusiastic team player and dedication to excellence
  • A positive and flexible attitude
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work effectively with many different personality types
  • A good sense of humor

Location: Sunnyvale, CA Duration

Contact: Deepa via email (deepa(at)parkcom(dot)com)

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