Highlights from the May IIAR London Forum on vertical analysts

The May IIAR London Forum at Bell Pottinger on the 27th May 2010 featured an impressive panel of analysts representing a broad range of vertical market focus in the financial sector, government, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing:

  • Peter Farley / IDC Financial Insights EMEA
  • Peter Thorne / Cambashi
  • Stephen Roberts / Kable (read his interview: Around Stephen Roberts from Kable in 10 questions)
  • Ralph Silva / Silva Research Network.
  • The analysts shared their insights about how the business is changing, with less traditional research and more custom research on a global basis, how IT shops are getting smaller and technology is getting better.  The analysts advised on how to engage with analysts,  how to  help them to understand your company’s business goals and successes, and stressing how important it was to be more candid about the company’s business situation so they can better support your go to market activities.

    But don’t just take it from me, go to IIAR member Andy Bairsto’s blog for an interesting and informative  perspective.


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