IIAR discussion group: AR best practice for analyst events

The IIAR will hold a discussion group teleconference on the subject of AR best practice at analyst-firm sponsored events like Forrester’s IT Forums, Gartner Symposia and IDC Directions on Thursday 6th May 2010 from 1500 BST to 1600 BST / 10:00am EST to 11:00 am EST. The discussion will cover all levels of participation from simply attending to main sponsorship.

We’ve got a great line up of panelists:

  • Gerry Van Zandt / HP, Worldwide Analyst Relations Manager (@gerryvz, LinkedIn)
  • Kent Cook/ Microsoft, Director Corporate Analyst Relations
  • Bill Reed / St. Cross Group, Managing Director (former IBM manager of industry analyst relations, EMEA) (LinkedIn)
  • Sandeep Thawani / Mahindra Satyam, Head of Marketing and Communications, Europe (LinkedIn)

IIAR members who would like to join should RSVP on huddle or by email or to jcourtenay at analystrelations dotte org.



4 Responses

  1. Hi IIAR-

    I would like to be more involved in these discussions as I have tons of experience defining best practices.

    What’s the process here?

    Also, please join me on my Twitter AR chat called #archat on Monday’s at 11 a.m. EST.




  2. Hi Stephen,

    There are two ways to join:
    – register if you’re a member
    – suggest a topic for a panel you’d like to participate in


  3. I would like to join in this activity from KS. Possible?

    Also, would like to recommend IIAR host tweet chats similar to #archat. Very informative and great way to exchange ideas, globally.



  4. Hi Pamela,

    We’ll look at twitter chats but I find the medium a bit awkward for a live exchange and also there are some benefits to hosting those conversations on our Extranet (members only).

    You can join from Kansas, you just have to be a member. If you aren’t, you can join or ask for a free trial membership to jcourtenay at analystrelations dott org


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