Kudos to the Gartner Ombudsman for asking tough questions

I read this post on the new Gartner Ombudsman blog today: How confidential is “confidential” information?

It’s about what happens when an analysts defects to join your competitors. Granted, there is no simple answer and in reality we’re in a very incestuous industry, but kudos to Nancy Erskine for asking tough questions.

Personally, my sense is that you should divulge roadmaps to analysts and limit the horizon to 6 months. What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Keep reading; you’ll be hearing about real-life issues and how we addressed them. Comments welcome. Nancy


  2. […] For more information on the Gartner Ombudsman, I advise you to read this Gartner page and Peggy’s paper (link, IIAR membership required) as well as this Quora entry before the call. Not to forget my previous post: Kudos to the Gartner Ombudsman for asking tough questions. […]


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